How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

One of the reasons SAP Business One (often referred to as Business One or SAP B1) is the fastest selling ERP system on the market is due to its cost. It is affordable to small and midsize business enterprises (SMB and SME). The pricing for SAP Business One is not based on the number of modules available for purchase. The cost of this business software is based upon the number of users requiring access into the system. There are four types of users available for purchase. A Professional user is what you might call a “super user” in the software system. This would be someone who would require access to all of the modules. There is a Limited CRM user available for the employees in sales and service roles which would only need access to the customer relationship management (CRM) portion of the system. For the staff members who will require access to the accounts payable and receivable, there is a Limited Financial user. If you have members on your team managing inventory items, there is a Limited Logistics user available.

The minimum license requirement for initial purchase is one SAP Business One Professional User or One SAP Business One Starter Package User.

Business One Pricing

A Professional SAP B1 user is approximately $3,000.00. Limited CRM, Financial, and Logistics SAP B1 users are approximately half that amount.


Business One Starter Package Pricing

A SAP B1 Starter Package user is currently priced at a little more than $1,000.00.

Business One Annual Maintenance Pricing

Currently, the yearly cost SAP charges for their regular maintenance, software upgrades, and security enhancements is 18%.

SAP Business One Price Changes

SAP AG reserves the right to change SAP B1 pricing at any time.

Business One Discounts

Unlike other enterprise resource planning (ERP) software companies, SAP does not run constant “specials” and have all sorts of campaigns which offer Business One at a lower cost. Yet, there is a discount available when purchasing the software as a bundle. Discounts are also available if user licences are purchased in volume. For more information about SAP B1 discountscall us today at 813-321-1300.

Business One Install, Training, Customization, Integration, and Add-on Services Pricing

Typically, the hourly rate for Cornerstone to perform the tasks related to SAP Business One implementation is $185.00 per hour. Although the software can be implemented in 8-12 weeks, the time frame varies with each company’s project. As the specific needs of each business is different, some implementations can take more time to complete.

Feel free to ask us about all the options available to you and your team regarding implementation tasks. If you’d like to take on some of the work, we are more than happy to listen to all of your ideas concerning the SAP Business One implementation project.

Before quoting the time our team thinks it will take to perform the set-up, configuration, installation, customization, integration, and training for your SAP Business One, as part of our Best Practices, we perform an Onsite Business Analysis.

On-site Needs Analysis: $185/hr

The average cost for an on-site analysis averages $5,000 plus expenses. We will work with you to see what you need to make things operate more effectively.

Training: $185/hr

Personalized and customized training is provided to your business by our highly-skilled trainers. Our trainers can work with your staff on-site at your location and/or online via GoToMeeting.

Custom Programming: $185/hr

Our teams of developers can program your software system to do amazing things.

Custom Integration: $185/hr

If you’d like to tie in some other software and have it connect with your Business One, our programmers are happy to discuss the possibilities and devise a plan.

Add-Ons: $185/hr

If you need additional capabilities that are not built into SAP Business One (i.e.: point of sale, bar codes, scanners, manufacturing etc…) our team is happy to find the right apps for your needs. There are numerous apps available for Business One.