What is an Online Webstore?

An Online Store offers your customers a convenient way to purchase any of your Patient Products directly from your website.

With our Online Webstore solution, if you have an existing website, we can create your online store to look just like your website so it maintains the look and feel of your site.

How does it Work?

When an order is placed on your website the transaction is processed through your merchant account and deposited directly into your bank account.

Automatic email confirmations containing the order details are sent to both you and the customer. With our solution, the magic doesn’t stop there…

In My Industry, why is having an Online Store so important?

Did you know that unique products like Cosmetic Surgery Patient Products are actually more likely to grab a sale online than a more common product?

Cosmetic Surgery aftercare and maintenance Products, are among a very specialized group of products, which is the ideal type of industry for selling online ““ so take advantage!

Turn your existing customers into more frequent buyers, AND open your doors up to Patients from all over.


What can THIS Online Store do for me that others can’t?

Comgine e-Commerce for Plastic Surgery Businesses completely processes the web orders all the way through the accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software for you, without any duplication of data entry.

Plus you’ll save tons of time with a system that auto-emails customer receipts, auto-emails alerts to you, and auto-emails POs to your suppliers!

So what do these automations mean for your business? Less data entry, less errors, faster order processing, happier customers, more time, and more savings!