Notice to Businesses Currently Operating VisionPoint Software 

As you may already know, Sage Software no longer supports the ACCPAC (SBT) VisionPoint product. The decision to no longer support the SBT VisionPoint software was unfortunately made by Sage in 2007. If you are currently using VisionPoint, and would like to know about your options regarding migrating to a different financial accounting software system, please call us today at (813) 321-1300. 


VisionPoint Software   

As business consultants and IT specialists, our programming, training and configuration team has worked with VisionPoint since the early ’80s. When the VisionPoint accounting software was first introduced on the market, many owners of small and mid-sized manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail businesses purchased the system from us. We were resellers of SBT/Accpac VisionPoint because it was designed to meet the needs of small to mid-size enterprises. VisionPoint contained standard accounting modules, such as the General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Purchase Orders (PO), Sales Orders (SO), and more. It also offered Job Costing, Manufacturing, and Inventory Control-Tracking-Management. The accounting and inventory management system had an open architecture, was written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro programming code, simple to configure and easy to use. VisionPoint achieved an unsurpassed level of reliability and was eventually recognized as the world’s most widely installed Windows accounting system.


VisionPoint Software Migration To Sage Pro ERP

When many VisionPoint users learned of Sage’s decision to no longer support the system, they were encouraged to migrate to Sage Pro ERP, because this software was also written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro programming code. Unfortunately, Microsoft announced that it would not be releasing any new versions of its Visual FoxPro development software past Version 9.0, but stated that it would continue to support the technology through 2015. Even though Microsoft decided to end their support of the Visual FoxPro development software, there have been some enhancements made to the Sage Pro ERP. In April of 2011 Sage Pro 7.7 was released released along with several product updates.


For VisionPoint or Sage Pro ERP Software Support Contact Cornerstone Consulting

If your businesses is currently using the  SBT/ACCPAC VisionPoint or Sage Pro ERP, and you are concerned about the lack of support for the development code (Microsoft Visual FoxPro) these software systems were written in, please call Cornerstone Consulting today at (813) 321-1300.