Process Manufacturing Add-on for Integration With SAP Business One

If you are the leader of a growing small or midsize organization which performs Process Manufacturing, there is a SAP Business One Add-on solution specifically designed to meet your needs. The SAP Business One Process Manufacturing application will provide you with a single source of integrated financial accounting, customer relationship management, sales, purchasing, inventory, material requirement planning (MRP) and production management while completely supporting your Research & Development and Compliance requirements. The Process Manufacturing application is designed to enhance, enrich and extend SAP Business One, as well as enable co-operation across your business partners.

SAP Business One Add-on for Process Manufacturing

In a simple or complex manufacturing environment, it is critical for a business to be able to process finished goods, including co-products and by-products, in the most efficient way possible. With SAP’s state of the art SAP Business One ERP and integrated Process Manufacturing solution, you can easily generate business analytics cross all facets of your enterprise, including these key business processes:

  • Product Development: Dynamically adjust formulas during both product development and production to meet specified target physical or nutritional characteristics.
  • Batch Production: Create and schedule the optimal number of batch jobs required for a product formula and its multiple packaging configurations, based upon the aggregate demand for the given product.
  • Costing: Roll up existing and theoretical product costs, as well as fixed, tiered and scalable costs to formulas, intermediates and finished goods during product development.
  • Quality: From vendor inspection plans to formula and finished good QC testing, establish a comprehensive QA program that ensures the delivery of quality products to your customers.
  • Compliance: Keep compliant with industry specific and federal regulations, in terms of labeling, lot traceability reports, transactional audit reports and shipping documentation.
  • Inventory: Manage inventory based upon quality status, units of measure, expiration date, lot number, strength, license, serial number and location to ensure the right inventory is available for manufacturing and distribution activities.
  • Maintenance: Establish a preventive maintenance program to avoid unnecessary equipment failures and keep your plant running smoothly.
  • Warehouse Management: Employ mobile devices to perform receiving through shipping activities, plus licensed inventory moves within your raw materials and WIP areas.
  • Distribution: Manage your suppliers and shippers across multiple warehouses, as well as inter warehouse transfers.
  • Purchasing and Planning: With a granular visibility to available raw material, intermediate and finished goods inventory, as well as current batch production jobs, you can employ economies of scale to purchase raw materials and schedule batch production jobs in order to meet forecasted demand.
  • Sales Track the status, costs, and profitability of every customer quote, order, and shipment.
  • Customer Relationship: Leverage embedded CRM functionality to manage your customers and suppliers to improve satisfaction levels and meet service level agreements, respectively.
  • Accounting and Financials: Control and analyze the costs of your finished goods, including by-products and co-products, from the start of product development through the shipment of finished goods

SAP Business One System Consulting and Process Manufacturing Solution Specialists

An SAP Business One Gold ERP Systems/Solutions Partner, and highly-skilled consulting staff, your enterprise can benefit from utilizing one of the most effectively developed solutions for in recipe/batch process manufacturing. As a reseller of SAP Business One, Cornerstone collaborates with the Process Manufacturing Add-on solution provider to ensure that your entire enterprise software system is well supported.

With easy-to-use visual planning tools, you can determine exactly what you need to make, and what you need to purchase to make it. The Process Manufacturing software processes information directly from SAP Business One Sales Orders, and creates purchases directly in SAP Business One Purchasing. Precise planning, together with improved inventory control, leads to greater accuracy and increased revenue. In addition, the software provides the means for you to manage your products as they are processed through the plant via predetermined Routings. The software allows you to make instant changes on the built-in Planning Board as well as adjust batches in a quality-controlled environment. You can also feel sage in the knowledge that your system will always be updated and compliant as regulations and requirements change. By design, the Process Manufacturing software helps to ensure your compliance within your Regulatory environment. Further, to avoid double-processing and inaccuracies caused by manual data entry, your designated employees will have the ability to manage all transactions as they occur throughout the plant.

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As a SAP Gold Business Partner and reseller of SAP Business One, our goal is to provide you with a superior ERP system as well as ensure that you have any additional software, technology and services necessary to boost enterprise performance. We work closely with the Add-on Software Solution Providers to ensure the integration of their software is seamless with SAP Business One.

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