SAP Business One for Better Inventory Tracking

In the event of an audit or FDA issued recall, with SAP Business One Better Inventory Tracking, you could easily trace your products back to their sources? With SAP Business One you can rapidly identify your items as well as track your products from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping, all the way to the delivery at the customer location.

SAP Business One Helps you Quickly Locate Your Inventory by: 

  • Item number
  • Serial number
  • Lot number
  • Batch number

Easily Generate Reports for the FDA 

SAP Business One provides you with the tools to instantly track and trace of all of your products. With full visibility into all inventory data and related transaction information, you can quickly identify defective products prior to customer delivery, and dramatically reduce costs associated with a government issued recall.

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See how  for the Supplement Industry can help you trace, track and manage your inventory with ease.

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