SAP Business One Implementation

A SAP Business One implementation can be easy. Congratulations in advance for making the decision to implement SAP Business One (often referred to as SAP B1 or Business One) as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management software solution. As a trusted SAP Business Partner / Reseller of SAP Business One and provider of business management software services, training, and technical support, we enjoy educating you and your team about the implementation process.

SAP Business One Quick Start and Rapid Implementation

With the help of our highly-skilled SAP Business One Implementation team, you can easily prepare your organization to use the SAP Business One software. Also, you can have your system up an running rather quickly. In addition to providing you with a designated Implementation Project Manager and team of developers and trainers, we will collaborate with you and your staff to accomplish the following:

  • Prepare for the installation of SAP Business One
  • Install SAP Business One
  • Obtain hardware license key for SAP Business One
  • Define, update and maintain product support platform

Initial SAP Business One Ramp up Checklists

In order to have the ability to install SAP Business One, you must first have an Internet connection, a S-user identification code, and a password for access to the:

  • SAP Business One Customer Portal
  • SAP Community Network
  • SAP Online Training Portal

Before Installing SAP Business One

  1. Review the System Administrator’s Guide
  2. Check the software and hardware requirements

Installing SAP Business One

Cornerstone’s implementation¬†typically follows the steps listed below when installing SAP Business One for a client:

  1. Review the System Administrator’s Guide
  2. Install SAP Crystal Reports, version for the SAP Business One application
  3. Install the database server: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  4. Initialize the database server
  5. Install SAP Business One
  6. Configure the services

Obtaining and Installing the SAP Business One License Key

Cornerstone’s implementation team typically follows these steps to obtain a SAP Business One license key:

  1. Locate SAP Business One hardware key
  2. Request the license key from SAP
  3. Install the license key

Updating SAP Business One

Cornerstone’s implementation and services team will help you and your business:

  1. Stay informed about new patches for SAP Business One
  2. Download and install SAP Business One upgrades or patches

Providing On-going Support for Your SAP Business One

Cornerstone’s implementation and services team will help you:

  1. Analyze your system remotely for bottlenecks and other issues
  2. Use the Community Network for consulting related questions
  3. Access the SAP Business One area on the SAP Community Network
  4. Create an incident if you cannot locate a suitable solution for a product related problem

Additional Resources for Your SAP Business One

We encourage our clients to access additional SAP Business One resources and get involved in the SAP Communities such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • Blogs
  • Wiki
  • Submit your ideas
  • Downloads for developers

SAP Business One Questions and Answers

For answers to your Business One software sales, support, and service questions, feel free to call us.