SAP Business One ERP Accelerates Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises/Businesses (SME and SMB)

How will SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accelerate the growth of my company?
With this software, you can easily digitally transform your business. By combining all essential functions in a single, and completely unified business management solution, you and your staff will have instant access to up-to-the minute, more accurate data — enterprise-wide. The software offers a sophisticated platform designed for streamlining business process integration and automation so that your:

  • Complex tasks are simple and easy
  • Operations will dramatically increase overall efficiency
  • Time to market for products and services improves by 35.6%
  • Built-in business analytics tools boosts the sales cycles by 8.5% in 12 months and 30% in 36 months
  • Employees are connected to the information they need most in a single interactive view
  • Company can easily scale as your business grows and changes

What are the integrated core business modules in Business One?
“Out of the box” the SAP Business One ERP system offers you a complete set of core functions, including financials, customer management, sales, operations, and logistics, which address the business management needs of your entire company. The enterprise resource planning system provides small and midsize companies with a simple way to manage every department in their organization. The business enterprise software provides you with unified system of these core modules:

  • Financials
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Production Entry
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Service Management
  • Human Resources (HR) Management
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays

Please note: SAP Business One does not have a Payroll module.

Where can I find more information about SAP Business One ERP Modules?
For Financial Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory, Warehouse and Distribution Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Crystal Reports, Administration literature and more, please feel free to review the valuable enterprise software system information about these integrated SAP B1 modules, within the SAP Business One Guides (.pdfs)

Should I consider SAP Business One HANA for analytics at lightning speed?
For today’s small and midsize businesses, technology is a crucial for achieving success. Yet it’s not something that executives like you have time to focus on every day. To help you drive profitable growth and keep countless balls in the air, your company’s information technology must run like a utility. When you turn on your PC, you need to instantly access what you need, much like water from a faucet. The SAP HANA Platform provides unparalleled reporting and analytics you need for making better, faster decisions.

How much does SAP Business One ERP cost?
It is definitely affordable to purchase user licenses for this amazing ERP business management software:

  • Professional user (super user) is approximately $3,000.00
  • CRM, Logistics, Financial Users are $ 1,500.00 each
    • SAP Business One Limited Logistic User
      • Inventory Management
      • Purchasing
      • Manufacturing Functions
    • Limited CRM User
      • Sales Opportunities
      • Sales Leads
      • Customer Management
    • Limited Financial User
      • Journal Entries
      • Incoming Payments
      • Outgoing Payments
  • SAP Software Annual Maintenance is 18% of full MSRP
    • Pro-Rated 1st Year Maintenance

Can the SAP Business One ERP system be purchased as a Service (SaaS) – On Demand?
For those with limited capital budget, minimal IT support, or no desire to build and maintain a large in-house IT infrastructure, you’ll be happy to hear that yes, you can pay a monthly fee for the ability to use the SAP Business One user licenses.

Can the SAP Business One ERP business management application be Hosted?
If you require less than 5 users, Cornerstone Consulting can host your entire SAP Business One ERP Software System, for you. Hosting fee starts as low as $595.00 per month. Please contact Cornerstone’s rapid response line 813-321-1300 and speak with Certified SAP Business One ERP Consultant, El Mullaney for further details.

Is SAP B1 simple to use?
Business One is super easy to use. The enterprise system offers:

  • Role-based Cockpits with Dashboards
  • Global search
  • One-click drill-down to data
  • CRM is within each module

How long can our business run on SAP software?
SAP Business One is considered future-proof for many reasons, such as the:

  • Platform is built upon .Net and SQL
  • Software is provided by SAP — the world leaders in business management software systems

What type of framework does the business management software system offer?
Business One is designed with an integrated framework which includes:

  • MS Studio
  • Simple to create and deploy workflows

Can my staff customize the software?
Without a doubt. Your programming staff can easily customize the system with access to the:

  • Application Programming Interface (APIs)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) built in

Can my business easily integrate with our subsidiaries?
SAP makes it easy and affordable for a large company to expand across the globe. With SAP Business One Subsidiary Integration, large enterprises can enjoy the benefits of: using one consistent worldwide platform, the ability to quickly and easily expand operations. and eliminating the high cost of maintaining non-integrated solutions.

Large, global enterprises using SAP R3/ECC system can integrate their subsidiaries by using the SAP Business One Subsidiary Integration. When a business grows and expands internationally, large companies can quickly and easily integrate operations with those at North American headquarters for consistency and comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility. In addition, the integration enables them to easily maintain the self-sustainability necessary for responding quickly to new market opportunities.

Does the enterprise resource planning system have to be installed on an in-house server?
With On-Cloud and On-Premise deployment options for SAP Business One, your growing small or midsize business can quickly and easily reap the benefits of streamlining operations, having instant access to accurate company-wide data and accelerating profitable growth at a rapid pace.

How can I find out if the business software system will be a good fit for my company?
If you’d like to see how this enterprise resource planning system can supercharge business performance,
schedule your online demonstration: SAP Business One Demo and Guided Review.

How do I test the software out for myself?
If you’d like to test drive SAP Business One, we are more than happy to set you up with a FREE thirty day trial of SAP B1 and demo database .

What makes SAP B1 better than the other ERP systems on the market?
Simply stated, it’s SAP software. You can automate as many tasks as you’d like. You can integrate this enterprise software with virtually any other system you’d like as well.

As your company grows, you can rely on SAP’s fastest-selling enterprise resource planning application to help you and your staff easily handle increasing business complexities, fierce competition caused by a global marketplace, consolidation, and more with one system of unified:

Is the Business One enterprise software based upon industry best practices and constructed for compliancy?
It sure is. That’s how SAP rolls. All of your relevant business information in one completely integrated software system and a single database. By design, the Business One will also help your business comply with shifting regional, national, and international regulations that impact everything from human resources and finance to manufacturing.

Does the SAP ERP system for SME/SMB have business intelligence and data analysis tools?
Absolutely. SAP B1 has built-in business intelligence (BI) and embedded analytics for unparalleled analytical capabilities such as:

Does this all-in-one business enterprise software system have mobile functionality?
Certainly. The software provides users with integration capabilities for mobiles devices for iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart phones

Can I access the business data within B1 in real-time?
You can immediately access any business information and instantly see your mission critical data.
Here is an example of how quickly and easily you can see your Cash Flow

Does Business 1 integrate with Microsoft Office and, in particular, Outlook?
It sure does integrate with Microsoft Office.

Can I run many companies using SAP B1?
Not a problem. The business software system has built-in multi-company features.

Can my business sell outside of the U.S. using this software system?
Absolutely. The business management software offers multi-currency features.

Does the enterprise software help my employees be proactive and manage by exception?
The system has apps for proactive management of all areas of your business. You can manage by exception with built-in Drag and Relate and Alerts System.

Can the software system automate common business tasks?
Sure. You can automate as many routine activities as you’d like. By automating numerous daily tasks, you’ll streamline your entire operation’s processes for maximum productivity and create an ease of adaptability to rapidly changing business needs, such as:

Can the ERP system streamline and automate every area of my business?
By watching the SAP Business One Software Videos, Presidents, Owners, CEOs, and CFOs will see how the completely integrated ERP system of accounting-customer relationship management-inventory and warehouse management-material requirements planning software makes it easy for you to take control of: your cash flow, reporting enterprise-wide, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, maintaining cost-effective inventory levels, and so much more!

How can SAP B1 streamline my unique business processes?
We’re happy to show you how SAP Business One can streamline the processes of your entire organization. Call Cornerstone and Schedule your demonstration of SAP Business One

How do I enhance the capabilities of Business One?
You can easily extend the capabilities of this enterprise software system. As SAP Business One does not include Advanced: Warehouse Management, Process Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, or have built-in modules for Payroll, Time and Attendance, E-commerce, Equipment Rental, Equipment Maintenance, etc., there are Add-on apps which can help you manage these processes. SAP offers more than 500 industry specific (horizontal) Add-on applications for seamless integration with SAP Business One.

Are there any SAP B1 Reviews that I can read?
See how SAP Business One has helped small and midsize businesses, just like yours run their entire operations better, by reading the SAP Business One Reviews.

Is this software solution simple enough for my staff to use?
Learn how simple and easy the software system is by taking an interactive tour SAP Business One iTour of SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)! SAP created a simple and easy way, an interactive video, for people to try the ERP system specifically designed for small to midsize businesses, SAP Business One. Explore this interactive video and learn how simple and easy SAP Business One is to use. You’ll also learn how your organization can utilize SAP Business One to accelerate ROI upon ERP implementation. Designed specifically for small businesses, this solution can grow with any company and adapt to its changing needs. See how to utilize the integrated features in SAP Business One to manage a company more effectively, streamline operations, and realize results faster.

SAP Business One Software License Guide, System Requirements and What’s New

For SAP Business One system requirements, user licenses and information concerning all of the latest software enhancements, please feel free to review the documents below.

SAP Business One Requirements

SAP Business One Requirements for Version 8.8 and Higher

SAP Business One User Types Comparison Chart

SAP Business One 8.82

SAP Business One 9.0

SAP Business One 9.1

SAP Business One 9.1 Version for SAP HANA

SAP Business One 9.2

Where can I find more information about SAP Business One ERP Modules?
For Financial Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory, Warehouse and Distribution Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Crystal Reports, Administration literature and more, please feel free to review the valuable enterprise software system information about these integrated SAP B1 modules, within the SAP Business One Guides (.pdfs)

Is Special Financing Available?

SAP and Cornerstone Consulting are happy to help with Financing for your SAP Business One ERP system. Find out more about this great financing offer!

What is the SAP Business One Starter Package and How is it Different from the Enterprise System?
The Starter Package is for small businesses which require no more than five users in the system. SAP Software has made it easier for small businesses to utilize the comprehensive streamlining of operations an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system has to offer. Now, small businesses can enjoy many benefits of SAP Business One without having to make a sizable upfront investment in a SAP ERP system. As this system is extremely limited, we do not typically recommend it.

How do I find my Dream Team of Software Installation, Implementation, Customization and Training Service Specialists?
You’ve just found your dream team. As trusted business software migration, installation and integration specialists for more than 30 years, the highly-skilled staff of Cornerstone Consulting can have your SAP ERP system installed and your staff well trained within your reasonable time-frame. Our SAP Business One ERP software services rate starts as low as $185.00 per hour. There are so many ways we can help any business, that we work with our customers to design the most effective support plans for their company. If you are as confident as we are that your company will benefit greatly from highly targeted and customized technical support, please call.


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