SAP ® Business One Reviews by Customers

VenloPack – Uses SAP Business One Starter Package and Gains Complete Business Solution

“With SAP Business One we now have a complete solution that covers our entire business and will scale with us as we grow. As for return on investment, we expect to see that in only six months.”
Klaas Scheffer, Managing Director, VenloPack B.V.

Industry: Industrial machinery and components
Products and services: Wholesale distribution, repair, and maintenance of vacuum packing machines
Employees: 5

Based in the Netherlands, VenloPack is a distributor of vacuum packing machines. See how it became the first company in the world to go live with the SAP Business One starter package, giving it an integrated solution with complete functionality at a very low total cost of ownership.


Hasbro – Leveraging the Speed and Agility of SAP Business One to Enter Emerging Markets

“We needed SAP Business One because we are moving into emerging markets and realized that we needed an agile execution that could help us drive these solutions very, very quickly.”

Industry: Consumer products
Products and services: Toys and games
Revenue: US$4 billion
Employees: 5800

Hasbro uses SAP Business One within its emerging markets to reimagine, reinvent, and reignite its play brands for today’s market ““ allowing consumers to experience the Hasbro brands anyway they want.


Mario Camacho Foods – SAP Business One Proves Ideal for the Importing and Distribution Business

“We are now one company in every way. Without a doubt, a big reason was our decision to implement SAP Business One.”
Jeff McMahon, CFO, Mario Camacho Foods 

Industry: Consumer products ““ food
Products and services: Olives and other specialty food products
Revenue: US$100 million
Employees: 35

Two companies, each with separate business software, merged to form Mario Camacho Foods, a fast-growing supplier of olives and related products. They both moved to a uniform implementation of the SAP Business One application, which helped create a new business force with a single-purpose.


Tivoli Audio – SAP Business One is Sweet Music for “The Original Radio Company”

“When we expanded into retail, our operations didn’t really change; but we did add some new processes, and SAP Business One was flexible enough to handle them without a problem.”
David Rodriguez, VP of Sales, Tivoli Audio LLC

Industry: Retail
Products and services: Audio products
Employees: 20

Tivoli Audio LLC, a supplier of top-quality audio products, has run its manufacturing and distribution business with the SAP Business One application for many years. When the company expanded and opened its own retail outlets, SAP Business One and POS was the ideal solution.


Action Industries – Maintaining 98% Same-Day Deliveries with SAP Business One

“Implementing SAP Business One was one of the best business decisions I have made in my 15 years running the company.
It would have been impossible to accomplish all we have in the last two years without SAP Business One.”
Pat Marron, President, Action Industries Inc.

Industry: Wholesale distribution
Products and services: Garage door parts
Revenue: US$7.5 million
Employees: 35

One of the claims to fame of Action Industries Inc., a distributor of garage door parts, is its record for 98% same-day order fulfillment. As the firm’s growth exceeded its legacy software’s ability to keep pace, this delivery performance level became ever more difficult to maintain. “We moved to the SAP Business One application, which helped us continue our record by greatly accelerating the order-to-delivery cycle, improving inventory management, and performing smarter purchasing,” says Pat Marron, the firm’s president. “And that’s just the beginning.”



SAP Business One enabled us to become leaner in our operations while increasing our efficiency, and that’s priceless.”
Diane McGarvey, Director, Cooperative Human Tissue Network, Eastern Division

Industry: Higher education and research
Products and services: Collection, pathologic review, and distribution of human tissue biosamples for scientific research
Employees: 18

The Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN) provides high-quality, well-characterized human biospecimens to cancer researchers. In Philadelphia, the eastern division of CHTN needed to replace an outdated, unreliable accounting package with a new financial and reporting solution.


Checkpoint Systems”“ SAP Business One Anchors Business Network for Wider Market Penetration

“With our network integration strategy enabled by SAP Business One, we increased sales, revenue, and marketshare.”
Paul van der Mark, IT Application Manager,
Checkpoint Systems, Europe

Industry: Retail
Products and services: Shrink management, merchandise visibility, apparel labeling solutions
Revenue: US$772 million
Employees: 5,785

Checkpoint Systems Inc. did what a lot of companies do when faced with tough competition and price erosion ““ it outsourced. Only, it didn’t go anywhere. Instead, the global leader in shrink management solutions off-loaded sales, turning a portion of its sales force into independent franchises to service smaller retail accounts across Germany. And it used the SAP Business One application to launch the new franchises and network them to company headquarters.


There are numerous additional reviews of SAP Business One by many customers listed below.  For more specific information or SAP Business One whitepaper about any of the businesses listed, please call Cornerstone Consulting at (813) 321-1300. 

Alice Springs Watershed ““ When this small Australian firm needed business software to ensure support in its remote location, SAP met the need with SAP Business One and the partner network that supports it.


Alison’s Pantry ““ SAP Business One enabled this food distributor to speed up purchasing and accounting processes, capture key business data, and obtain comprehensive reporting across the company.


Apex Fuels ““ A partner solution built on SAP Business One helped this growing petroleum marketer reduce workload, streamline processes, and increase profitability.


Barron’s Wholesale Tire ““ This wholesale tire distributor used SAP Business One to transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary business partner network embracing customers and suppliers.


Bea Fisher Organization ““ This public sector organization, providing individual-driven services for persons with developmental disabilities, is using the SAP Business One application to enhance service delivery.


C-COM Satellite Systems ““ When this provider of mobile satellite-based Internet technology realized its growth was in jeopardy for lack of comprehensive, integrated software to run its business operations, the company found the ideal solution in SAP Business One.

C. & E. Fein GmbH ““ With its reporting and planning system based on SAP solutions, this power tools producer is using SAP Business One at its international subsidiaries to get a company-wide view of all sales processes and key figures.


Collicutt Compression Solutions ““ This natural gas compression and power generation equipment sales and service company implemented SAP Business One to gain clarity and control needed to run and grow diverse multicountry operations.

Coral Beach Farms ““ Moving to SAP Business One when its legacy software began to fail and client satisfaction threatened to ebb, Canada’s largest supplier of cherries now enjoys happy customers and robust business software that serves as a huge competitive differentiator.


Dave’s Gourmet ““ Using SAP Business One, San Francisco-based Dave’s Gourmet makes smart business decisions to keep its customers happy and increase its revenue ““ all with a lean staff.


Electra-Sound ““ After landing a contract with a major auto manufacturer for refurbished instrument clusters, Electra-Sound turned to the SAP Business One application to complete a business network transformation that connected both companies.


Entertainment Trading ““ With SAP BusinessOne ensuring reliable, smooth processes across their entire business, this consumer electronics company saw a 30% increase in growth. Using SAP BusinessOne mobily from their iPhones, users have full access to the back office, even while away from their desks.


Groupe Roullier ““ This industrial group turned to SAP Business One when it wanted to standardize business processes, reporting, and IT systems across 33 subsidiaries in more than 27 countries. All 33 subsidiaries were up and running quickly with SAP Business One.


Home Health Products ““ By providing its sales teams with always-on iPad connectivity based on SAP Business One, this rapidly growing German retailer of massage beds built an integrated business that accelerated direct sales and expansion into new markets.


James 1:27 Trust ““ This foundation is using SAP Business One to create an effective system for collecting and distributing money to children’s care organizations throughout South Africa.


JGB Distributing ““ This distributor of Invisible Fence Brand products credits SAP Business One for helping the firm capture a 40% market share across North America and stand above the competition.


LORD Corporation ““ This chemical company used SAP Business One to link its local sites with the SAP ERP application running in its headquarters and large manufacturing facilities, resulting in 360-degree customer visibility and streamlined reporting.


Metropolis Technology ““ When business boomed, SAP Business One enabled this hair care products distributor to improve service, increase operational control, and focus on growth.


Mr. Shower Door of Florida ““ This multimillion-dollar shower door company gained control of its inventory, achieved better security, and improved its follow-up on leads after implementing SAP Business One in all of its showrooms.


NCVW Management Group ““ This conglomerate of five small companies based in Bay City, Michigan, replaced its small business software, spreadsheets, and paper-based processes with SAP Business One.


Oversea Casing ““ SAP Business One has enabled this food company to achieve real-time data, implement lot tracking, and give sales and warehouse workers easy access to current, role-based information.


Panificadora Hawit ““ This leading Honduran bakery moved to SAP Business One, SAP BusinessObjects Mobile software, and SAP Crystal Reports to improve the quality of its business data and enable real-time decision making.


Rapid Conn Group of Companies ““ This provider of cable, wire, and connectors turned to SAP Business One to meet its goal of maintaining global leadership by rapidly satisfying customer requirements for high-quality parts.


Richporter Technology ““ By replacing its outdated legacy software with SAP Business One, this supplier of ignition distributors was able to cut costs, improve efficiency, and gain substantial new sales opportunities.


707 Resource Management ““ Offering United Kingdom organizations a refreshing concept in waste management that combines low cost with sustainability, 707 chose from the start to run its operations on SAP Business One and is now well positioned for growth.


Sohan Lal Commodity Management ““ Providing warehouse management and procurement solutions in 70 locations and 12 states in India, this agrilogistics company uses SAP Business One to gain efficiency and control across its entire operation.


Sondra Roberts ““ Small-size wholesale distributor Sondra Roberts rolled out SAP Business One in eight weeks, realizing an ROI in just 12 months.


Thomas Raymond ““ Realizing the importance of ERP software and a scalable solution to its efficiency and growth, this start-up men’s footwear company implemented SAP Business One from day one of operation.

VenloPack ““ This distributor of vacuum-packing machines became the first company in the world to go live with the SAP Business One starter package, giving it an integrated solution with complete functionality at a very low total cost of ownership.


Vet’s Sheet Metal ““ After replacing its outdated business systems with SAP Business One, this sheet metal producer gained efficiencies that allowed the company to reduce staffing requirements.


WorldHeart Corporation ““ When this developer of heart pump devices obtained approval for implantation of its products into patients, WorldHeart moved to SAP Business One and found integrated, automated support for the full gamut of its business operations.