SAP Manufacturing Business Software Lets You See Your Enterprise More Clearly

Is it critical for you to have manufacturing business software that gives you complete visibility into your enterprise? If your current manufacturing business software makes it difficult for you manage all aspects of the production process to suppliers accounts and sales, now is the time for change. Whether your manufacturing company is involved in discrete or finished goods, component manufacturing or manufacturing engineered-to-order items, you can have all sorts of challenges to deal with on a daily basis. In order to more efficiently deal with important issues, you need to be able to easily view your entire business. SAP’s manufacturing business software enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a great solution for small and midsize companies. SAP’s solution makes it easy for you to manage your production process, control over suppliers, inventory management, order information and all aspects of customer management as well as customer satisfaction, in real time.

With SAP’s manufacturing business software solution, SAP Business One, customers can enjoy having crystal clear insight into all aspects of their business. The software makes it easy for you to quickly see the right opportunities for growth and, as a result easily become more profitable. You may wonder, how can I achieve all of this without a large budget for information technology (IT)? The world-class software is competitively priced. Customers can purchase five Professional SAP Business One user licenses along with Annual Maintenance, for approximately $20,000. The costs for training services as well having the software set up, configured, integrated, customized, and installed typically starts around $40,000.

Cornerstone Consulting can provide you with SAP’s Manufacturing ERP Business Software System so that you can easily run your growing manufacturing business. The all-in-one business management software is a flexible, affordable, and integrated application. The enterprise software is designed specifically for manufacturing businesses. In addition to being able to support every department within your business, the software application can also help you manage your suppliers at multiple locations. Additionally, the software helps you easily manage your capital or operating costs.

SAP Business One is available as an on premise option (to be installed on your in-house server) or via the cloud. You can be in control of your costs at all times. With SAP Business One you can enjoy easy access to view your business entire business, easily create reports and quickly analyze all aspects of your company without the need for expensive IT consultants. With access to the Internet, you can connect with your mission critical data anytime, from anywhere, and via any mobile device.

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