With SAP Professional Services Business Software You Can See Your Entire Enterprise More Clearly

SAP Business One Professional Services Business Software
As resellers of SAP Business One Professional Services business software, we understand how critical it is for company leaders to improve processes across their entire enterprise. Whether you’re a small business owner, head up a division or subsidiary of a larger corporation, or an IT decision maker of either, you’ll share common requirements to improve business processes. In this day and age, it is crucial for all on your team to be able to easily access business information in real-time, and gain insights through flexible reporting and analytics.

Designed for small to midsize growing businesses, SAP Business One is a complete and integrated system of accounting, customer relationship management and inventory warehouse management modules. The business management software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used by professional services companies focused on improving cash flow management, growing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

SAP enterprise software for growing small and midsize businesses (SMB / SME) provides a single system for processing analytics and transactions, smarter business process handling, accounting and financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations management, inventory and distribution management, ad-hoc interactive reporting plus customizable dashboards and analysis. It allows users to easily manage relevant business data from anywhere on any device, by automating key business processes and streamlining operations for maximum efficiency across all departments. The business management software system is delivered with 42 country localizations and supports 27 languages, so it’s no wonder over 50000 customers worldwide are already using it to support their essential business functions.

Why SAP Business One is a great software solution for a Professional Services company
How long does it take for your users to get exact figures for inventory, sales and other expenses from your current business software system? If it takes longer than a few seconds to see this data, your professional services company is not equipped with the right ERP application. If the different parts of your business aren’t connected and able to easily share information, you’re not running as efficiently as you could, and that means devoting more time and resources to managing the business than necessary. Employees should be able to respond to client’s needs immediately. Serving your customers faster enables you to easily strengthen client relationships and build greater loyalty. With a timely and accurate billing process, the financial management can also dramatically improve as well as business cash flow. When leaders have a complete picture of which clients are the most profitable, they can easily focus on where your business can increase margins. As the software can automate countess manual processes the time-consuming redundant checking, re-checking, verifying, and reconciling of data records can be eliminated.

IT resource or manpower for the SAP Business One ERP integration and implementation project
The software system can be purchased and implemented on your in-house server as an on premise solution or in the cloud. You can start small with what you need now and scale up as your business grows and needs change. SAP Business One is simpler to install and upgrade because it offers:

  • Improved integration
  • A centralized implementation framework
  • Enhanced system architecture and performance

Contact SAP Partner, Cornerstone Consulting, for your SAP Business One software discount
SAP Business One not only gives you all the core functionality you need to run your business straight out of the box – it offers you a rapid implementation option, easy customization and extension, industry-specific add-ons and simple integration.

SAP Business One is designed with small businesses in mind, so it is affordable, quick to install, easy to use and simple to maintain. As your business grows, SAP Business One allows you to easily adapt the application to meet changing business needs. Call us today and we’ll gladly share how you can benefit from a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Contact us today about the SAP Business One Discount.

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