Business Management Software and Technology Consultant: V.P., Eleanor Mullaney

Why Leaders of Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Enterprises Enjoy Working With Eleanor Mullaney

Considering SAP software for your new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution? Cornerstone’s full-time SAP software consultant, Eleanor Mullaney, places great value in developing and maintaining strong business connections. When considering implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of integrated modules (financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, material requirement plaEleanor_Mullaneynning (MRP), warehouse management, fixed assets, and more) business leaders want to connect with a highly-skilled salesperson that can easily guide them along the business management software purchase and implementation journey. Eleanor understands the critical importance of understanding each client’s current environment and capabilities. For that reason, Eleanor places great importance on listening intently to enterprise leaders when they describe their business management software and resource planning needs. She really enjoys helping business leaders evaluate the fastest-selling ERP system on the market, SAP Business One ERP, to make sure that the software will be the right fit for their organizations. Call Cornerstone to speak with SAP software consultant, Eleanor Mullaney.

When leaders of manufacturing, wholesale distribution, online retail and professional services companies make the wise decision to implement SAP Business One as their enterprise solution, Eleanor takes great care to ensure the implementation of the new business software is seamless. Her goal is to make the transition from your old enterprise software to the new Business One ERP system as comfortable as possible. Eleanor works diligently with Cornerstone’s implementation and training teams to make sure that your new SAP software is: meeting the unique needs of your business, automating and streamlining processes, and helping your operations run better than ever.

Eleanor Mullaney began working for Cornerstone Consulting Inc. in 2001, as a Marketing Director. At that time, Cornerstone did not have a team of marketing professionals on staff. So, Eleanor planned, organized, coordinated, and oversaw all marketing and advertising campaigns, promotional activities, community development initiatives as well as assets and collateral. She communicated effective marketing messaging in various media formats. Understanding that software and technology trends rapidly changed, she made maintaining a current, working knowledge of the various industry associations, trade groups, and media outlets a top priority.

As “the Internet of Things (IoT)” evolved, Eleanor defined key marketing metrics for inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website content, social media activities, product penetration and enhancing customer satisfaction. Eleanor wrote content for the: corporate websites, company newsletter, press releases, and (eventually) Cornerstone’s company blog. She was an early adopter of social media and created company profiles to engage the community. Even though she was a “one woman operation”, the website content management and social media work she performed not only brought in more local Tampa Bay ERP software business, but attracted leads from all over the United States.

Utilizing creativity to achieve goals has always been part of Eleanor Mullaney‘s nature. As a child, her leadership skills, commitment to teamwork, and zeal to help others was evident in her involvement in numerous activities. During her youth, Eleanor sang in district choirs, played classical music for piano recitals, and even served as the lead conductor for an orchestra when she was only in sixth grade. In addition to participating in school plays and musical productions like Free to Be, In seventh grade, when she made the Varsity teams for field hockey and lacrosse, it was evident that she was a natural athlete. She played on many teams including: basketball, softball, swimming, and also won many awards as a gymnast. As her Uncle, Joe Mullaney,  was a famous college and NBA coach, Eleanor had the privilege of attending many phenomenal basketball games. She spent many summer days water skiing, and racing her hobie cat catamaran on Damariscotta Lake, in Maine. During the winter months, Eleanor enjoyed snow skiing in the Poconos, PA, Lake Placid, NY, and at many other ski resorts on the East Coast. In addition to being creative and athletic, she was involved in student government, tutored children, and organized a variety community service groups throughout her young adulthood. She even founded an outreach program for kids while at Moore College.

When Elle’s not applying her leadership skills to help executives streamline their operations, she celebrates the artistic side of her life. As a trained classical pianist, singer, dancer (i.e. salsa, west coast swing and cha-cha), commissioned portrait artist, improv comedy group member and writer, she has an absolute blast sharing creative endeavors with others in the community. It is interesting to note that Eleanor Mullaney’s Dad’s Grandmother was a Cassidy. Some of Eleanor’s famous cousins are Jack, David and Shaun Cassidy. Eleanor jokes that her love of the theater “runs in the family”. Recently, Elle was cast in the role of Tanna, for the stage adaptation of the movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space. She was also offered a role in a local production of Miracle on 34th Street.

From classical to hip-hop, Eleanor loves all kinds of music. Interestingly, if you ask her what her favorite rock band is, she’ll tell you that it is Boston. She has the greatest respect for Tom Scholz (and his wife, Kim), Gary Pihl, Tracy Ferrie, Curly Smith, and the rest of the band not only for the fabulous music they share with all of us, but also how much good they do in the world.

Elle believes strongly in helping others and giving back to the community. She gives 10 % of her salary to worthy causes. Eleanor devotes a lot of her personal time to raising awareness, generating support, and participating in events that raise money for many worthy causes. Recently, Eleanor raised funds for breast cancer awareness and research by participating in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Treasure Chests 5k. She has also raised funds, volunteered, and attended the Florida Suncoast Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Eleanor’s creativity is also evident in her amazing success as a SAP software consultant. She even won the first award SAP gave for writing the best client success story. Intelligent and artistic leaders at Cornerstone like Eleanor are highly valued business consultants. Elle uses her amazing data analysis skills and creativity to help business leaders “think outside of the box” and explore innovative solutions for streamlining their operations. Eleanor’s ability to inspire others has enabled her to genuinely connect with and help thousands of small and midsize business leaders, across a wide variety of industries. As one of Cornerstone’s top consultants, she empowers executives to take advantage of cutting edge software systems to not only streamline operations, but also quickly surpass their competitors, easily expand their businesses, and provide exceptional services to their clients.

The SAP B1 software system is designed to help you streamline operations, access the most important information about your enterprise in real-time, and help you make more informed business decisions, faster than ever before. This incredible business management software provides you with an integrated system for accounting, inventory management, CRM (i.e. customer relationship management), warehouse management, MRP (i.e. material requirements planning) and more right “out of the box”. The completely unified business software system allows you to run your entire enterprise more efficiently than ever and grow as quickly as you’d like. Creative SAP consultants like Eleanor are exactly the sort of software solution specialists that can help you reimagine your business so that you can attain the profit margins you need, and achieve your expansion goals.


  • The SAP B1 enterprise software system is designed to help your entire business easily run better than ever previously imagined
  • Creative SAP ERP consultants like Eleanor Mullaney enjoy making the ERP evaluation and implementation processes as simple and easy as possible

SAP Business One Software, Technical Support and Related Services Consultant

As V.P. of Cornerstone, Eleanor Mullaney goes out of her way to help manufacturing and wholesale distribution industry leaders understand all the ways SAP’s all-in-one solution of accounting, customer relationship management, and inventory tracking software can future-proof growing small and midsize businesses. The SAP Business One ERP software system she provides to executives is a cutting-edge and comprehensive business management solution that connects every major department of a small or midsize company. SAP B1 is one unified system that helps you easily manage your business financials, distribution, sales, customer service and much more. The unified business software system allows you to instantly track and control inventory; purchase materials; ship orders; satisfy customer demands; manage finances; and keep your team connected under a single user-friendly database. Eleanor believes in the effectiveness of SAP B1 as a business management software system. Eleanor looks forward to consulting with business owners regarding using SAP Business One to achieve greater success and expansion. So you don’t have to wait around for your corporate success — reach out to Eleanor today. (office)