SAP Wholesale Distribution Business Software Lets You See Your Enterprise More Clearly

As resellers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems for more than thirty years, we understand how critical it is to have the right integrated wholesale distribution business software management solution. The software must streamline all aspects of your organization so that you can achieve and maintain maximum performance levels at all times. To be successful, it is absolutely crucial to have business management software that helps you build and manage your supplier network. In addition, it is critical to efficiently respond to customer’s diverse needs, as well as accurately process orders. With SAP Business One you can enjoy having complete visibility into your entire enterprise. The software is designed to help you simplify business life and easily manage all aspects of your wholesale distribution business. As all departments of your business are unified within a single database, you can manage your supply chain, accounts, customer information, deliveries, and more, from one easy-to-use enterprise software system.

Having the right enterprise solution allows you to more easily see and act on opportunities for growth. With a limited budget, you may think that SAP software would not even be a consideration for your wholesale distribution company. The good news is that SAP Business One ERP is absolutely affordable for growing small and midsize distribution businesses. Customers can purchase five Professional User Licenses, as well as Annual Maintenance, for approximately $20,000. The cost to have the software implemented (set up, installed, configured, customized, integrated) and your staff trained typically starts around $40,000.

Cornerstone Consulting can provide you with SAP Business One so that you can easily run a tremendously successful distribution business and grow with ease. The all-in-one business management software is an integrated, easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable solution. As the application is designed to streamline all processes of your wholesale distribution enterprise, you can grow as big as you’d like. When leaders have instant access to a complete 360 degree view of the entire company, they can see clearly and make better decisions. With the ability to instantly generate accurate up-to-the-minute analytical reports, business life is simplified.

Users of the wholesale distribution software system can create their own analytical reports. As a result, their is no need to hire expensive IT consultants. You can analyze the performance of all departments within your company, at any time and from anywhere, via mobile (iPhone, iPad, tablet) device. In addition to being able to support every department within your business, the software application can also help you manage your suppliers at multiple locations. SAP Business One is available as an on premise option (to be installed on your in-house server) or via the cloud. You can be in control of your costs at all times. The software helps you easily manage your capital as well as operating costs.

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