Your Trusted SAP Gold Partner

In addition to being recognized as one of the most successful SAP Gold Partners for mid-market SAP Business One customers, Cornerstone Consulting is also annually awarded the distinction of being considered one of the top value added resellers (VARs) in the nation.

Cornerstone is a SAP Partner because in terms of business software, SAP AG is the World leader in enterprise applications. SAP is recognized as the market leader of enterprise information technology (IT) applications not only as a result of  the World-class reputation of their software, but also due to the revenue from business management systems sales.

“Roughly 60 percent of the world’s transactions touch an SAP system in one form or another with entire industries running on top of SAP.
SAP takes this global responsibility very seriously.” – Bill McDermott, SAP Co-CEO

SAP designed software solutions for small and midsized enterprises to help your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Globally, SAP is the leader in adoption rates, comprehensiveness, and user experience. Did you know that more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies leverage SAP software solutions?

Review SAP: SAP Corporate Fact Sheet March 2012

As a trusted SAP Partner, and award-winning value added reseller, Cornerstone Consulting is a leading provider of software specifically designed for small and mid-sized enterprises: SAP Business One

Together, with thoughtful business analysis, we can discover if SAP software is a good fit for your small or medium-sized enterprise: Contact Cornerstone